Sharp End Forward!

But Carefully!

Dear Customers & Friends

I thought I would update you all on how I'm going to offer my Repair & Tuition services from now because of the changing situation with coronavirus in terms of its ever changing presence in communities.

Clearly there has been no upgrade to the government's attitudes on public protection & health since I wrote last in February, otherwise we wouldn't be facing a summer surge in infections from yet another new variant!

Generally speaking, and as things appear to be today I am becoming more optimistic that the chances of a major UK cases explosion is slowly receding, particularly so in the local Stroud area, from careful behaviour by most people and vaccines reaching many people now x2 doses. I have now received my second vaccine jab, over 3 weeks ago.

But on the other side I am aware that the Delta variant is a fast spreading threat that must be of great concern, in particular to unvaccinated children & youth plus any older people who for a reason haven't been vaccinated.

Opening Up.

So I will now carefully 'open up' as the saying goes by offering my services as they are now, and also will add to this my visiting service where this is not practicable (but under carefully set  conditions).

I have updated my website with new details which you can read here

I look forward to helping you,

Kind regards